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"I want to travel like you!"

I hear this from friends, family, and perfect strangers after every trip I take.

So, let's make it happen!

With a few details about you and your travel plans, I'll put together a custom itinerary for your dream vacation anywhere in the world. Just fill out the Travel Questionnaire, and we can start planning the




The exact cost for a trip itinerary depends on the length and scope of the trip, but weekend trip itineraries start at only $35! All types of trips are eligible: USA-based, international, weekend, or long-term. My travel experience ranges from budget hostels and public transit to luxury resorts and hired cars. I love what I do, so I'll always be willing to work with you to create an excellent itinerary at a great price.


Why work with me?

Vacation planning isn't a time to take chances or adopt a "We'll see" approach. I have traveled to more than 20 different countries and countless cities all over the world. I have traveled solo, and I have traveled in groups of 20+ people. The diversity of my travel experiences has given me an endless supply of travel hacks and planning skills that are dedicated to ensuring that you have the most incredible trip.


Authentic, Personalized Itineraries

I am an independent personal travel planner which means that I get no commission from the travel industry. While I do not book for you, I will provide you with everything you need to book with confidence. I use my own personal knowledge and extensive research to suggest flights, excursions, accommodations, transit, and location-specific travel tips. My allegiance is 100% to my clients, and that truly makes all the difference.

Questions? Email me at

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